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Dance Journey Summer Solstice


This is a space for artists, musicians, practitioners, teachers, movers and shakers to collaborate and share their work with the community.

Host your community group, workshop or event today!


The remodeling of this space was a collective effort by many skilled local carpenters and handmen/women!

Materials were collectively reclaimed, refurbished and re-loved artistically into the space you see today!

We strive to have a zero-waste policy to reclaim the abundance of our natural places and thus we ask for your participation in this endeavour.


Meagan McLatchey is an incredible local artist, and founder of 1025 Tattoo, who created our beautiful logo.

Madhu provides space for arts and culture to flourish – please contact us to host your next exhibit!


We are forever grateful to the countless individuals who helped this passion project come true!
From the window decals, to the logo, to all of the endless renovation hours by such amazing and skilled friends, to the gifted materials, to our teachers, our fellow practitioners and to our partners and families who have supported us so fully!
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!