• Registered Massage Therapy

    Registered Massage Therapy – RMT’s provide therapeutic, relaxation and sport massage in a warm and welcoming environment. Each treatment is unique to the needs of each individual. An RMT will review your health history and treatment goals in an interview at the beginning of your first appointment. Appropriate orthopedic and postural assessment will happen accordingly. Here at Madhu we offer direct billing for Blue Cross Pacific and Medical Service Plan.

  • Acupuncture

    Registered Acupuncture is founded on ancient alternative medicine philosophy that has been perfected over hundred of years of practice. It employs a variety of techniques involving insertion and manipulation of very thin needles on the body’s surface, acupressure, warming techniques like moxibustion and infrared, and the diagnosis of tongue, skin, eyes and sometimes hara (abdominal area).

  • Yoga Therapy

    Yoga Therapy is used for achieving health and well-being through the application of yoga techniques for therapeutic and preventative purposes. Address functional imbalances while strengthening vitality and restoring balance in the body-mind system.

  • Nutrition Consultation Nutrition Packages

    2 Nutrition Packages Available
    Each package includes 2 x 1 hour sessions and 1 x 30 minute

    Tailored to suit you and your lifestyle
    Digestion Reset 
    This package is designed to clear away symptoms of indigestion like bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea and general abdominal discomfort. Explore what causes those symptoms and learn what you can do (and eat) to improve your digestion so that your body can spend less time trying to breakdown and more time absorbing the nutrients you need.
    Stress Release
    Specific foods and supplements can help the body cope with traumatic or acute stress and assist in recovering from periods of grief and loss. If you are dealing with some past or current trauma including loss, grief or life transitions this package will teach you how to use your diet and some supplementation to support your body and mind as you process and heal.

  • Yoga Privates

    Setting up a private yoga session is a great way to learn at your own pace. In a private session you are able to focus on specific alignment, foundations, as well as certain healing and wellness techniques while deepening the overall understanding of yoga as a daily practice.

    To book your one-on one or small group private practice please contact us.

    4 & 8-week private packages available. To book please contact us!

  • Reiki Jikiden Reiki

    Reiki is an energy healing practice that originated in Japan. Practitioners use the life-force energy or “ki” all around us to awaken the natural healing process in others by focusing energy on the areas of the body that need it most.
    All living things have the ability to practice reiki. It promotes healing in ourselves and others.
    Jikiden Reiki is a style of reiki that translates to “direct transmission.” It is pure, simple and effective.

    $60 per 60 minute session