Workshops & Series

  • Mindful Mamas A Holistic Prenatal Series

    Consciousnest Doula Care & Madhu Collective have teamed up for this holistic prenatal series for expecting Mamas!
    Together we will honour each womens’ prenatal experience and trimester while exploring relaxation & strengthening Yoga and self-care techniques.

    5:00-6:15 PM
    JUL 4- 25

    Week 1: Pelvic Floor Awareness
    Strength vs Relaxation, Root-Sacral Chakra, Oxytocin, Connecting with where baby is resting!

    Week 2: Strength & Fears
    Strengthening practices for the body, mind and breath while delving into the fears and anxieties surrounding birth and motherhood.

    Week 3: Movement & Meditation
    Dance, vocalization, meditations & more!

    Week 4: Relaxation
    Introducing rebozo techniques and exploring acupressure points, mantra & mediation

  • Kids Boogie Creative Movement

    4-4:45 PM
    JUL 10 – AUG 14
    *Free Demo Class on July 3rd
    AGES 3-6 YEARS

    A celebration of creative movement and music for all the budding little movers & shakers in the community!A fun, high energy 45 min class where kids get to explore music and creative movement through different styles of dance, yoga & mime.

    Please dress in something comfy, with bare feet ready to BOOGIE and bring a water bottle.

  • Salsa Sundays

    SUNDAYS thru JUNE!
    6:30 PM
    $14 Drop-In


  • T'ai Chi 6-Week Series

    12-1 PM
    Next Series TBA

    A 6-week T’ai Chi series that includes 19 repetitive and relaxing movements. These are very easy to learn and do not require any particular level of physical fitness or coordination.

    Some people describe this practice as “joy through movement” or “moving meditation”, and find that the effortless movements result in feelings of overall wellbeing.
    Appropriate for young and old.

  • The Pelvis A collaborative interdisciplinary series on the health, nutrition & mindfulness of the pelvis.

    Pelvis posterNext Pelvis Series coming Fall/Winter 2017/18
    Stay Tuned!

     These hips don’t lie!

    An integrated exploration into the human pelvis and its pivotal role in our overall health and wellness; this workshop series will include education on anatomy, digestion, elimination, joint health, mindfulness, posture, ergonomics, and movement to develop lifestyle practices for improving mobility and better function of your hips in day to day life.

    Session one: Anatomy and movement of the pelvis

    Session two: Nutrition and self care for digestion, elimination, and reproduction

    Session three: Mind body connections, exploring relationship between sensation, emotion, awareness, and thoughts

    Session Four: Pelvic explorations, your functional pelvis at work, rest and play

    Workshop facilitators include: Sarah Taylor-Occupational Therapist and Advanced Structural Integration Practitioner
    Clare Kearney – Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor
    Danielle Hachey – Yoga Instructor; Ayurvedic and Pre-Post Natal
    Jana Hope – Nutritionist and Yoga Instructor
    Kali Reglin – Massage Therapist

  • A Maiden’s Journey Girls 8-12 years 'Coming of Age' Series

    A Community of Mentors offering gifts of feminine wisdom to empower girls through their Coming of Age years.

    Intentions: To create a safe and supportive space in which to gather once a week to share feminine wisdom, health information, yoga, dance, art, laughter and more through a wide spectrum of activities and explorations.

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