• Rise & Shine Green Run: Beginner

    A mixed-levels morning flow with emphasis on rhythmic movements, detoxifying twists, and balancing postures. Classes are designed to help rid the body of negative energy and cultivate mindfulness, exploring a variety of breathing techniques to help calm the monkey mind.

  • Gentle Foundations Green Run - Beginner

    This class will introduce and explore the foundations of a Yoga practice; the basics of alignment, an accessible repertoire of postures (asana), introduction to breath (pranayama) and meditation techniques.
    This class is designed to be accessible to those new to yoga, and to those of all experience levels and abilities, full of strength-building foundations to build your yoga practice.
    *Modifications and poignant refinements for all.

  • Flow Blue/Black Diamond Run: All Levels to Intermediate

    Match movement to breath and build muscle tone and flexibility. Regular attendance of this class will deepen your repertoire of yoga postures and transitions. Classes are often themed around deepening awareness through the metaphors of astrological archetypes.
    Fall in love with your yoga practice!

  • Yang-into-Yin Blue Run: All Levels to Intermediate

    Warm-up to power the self through a set of strong, powerful Yang postures. Then still the action to challenge the mind with a set of cooling Yin postures = Find Balance!
    A great class for all levels & experience!

  • Tune-in Restorative Yoga Green Run: Rotation of Local Musicians

    A gentle restorative practice, where poses are held for 3-5 minutes supported on the floor in order to access deeper stretches and release fascia/connective tissue.

    This accompanied by a different local musicians each week to deepen this therapeutic time through music.

    Soak in the melodies and allow the body to release tension through extended stillness & sound meditation – A true treat!

  • Qi Gong Green Run: Beginner - All Levels

    Qi Gong can be thought of as the Chinese equivalent of Yoga. It is a mindful movement practice with an emphasis on breath, posture, and visualization. This class blends gentle, moderate, and a small amount of vigourous movement to purge toxins, tonify our vitality, and regulate our systems.
    Presented with humour and open to all skill levels, this class will leave you feeling grounded, centred, and refreshed. A yoga mat is not needed for this class.

  • Hatha Blue Run: All Levels to Intermediate

    This traditional Hatha class focuses on the principles of alignment, breath and meditation and will help your daily practice evolve.

  • Rise & Flow Black Diamond Run: Intermediate - Advanced Practice

    This is a dynamic class to build balance, inner strength, and energy through a fluid posture flow. Breath techniques and meditation focused around the season to strengthen the lungs and centre the mind accompanied by a groovy playlist!
    An invigorating morning practice which aims to flush and cleanse your body and mind through a rotation of monthly themed focal points of the body as inspired by the Sattva Yoga Lineage.
    Can expect: arm balances, inversions & peak poses

  • Mystic Flow Blue Run: All Levels to Intermediate

    Explore the stories of mythical archetypes from world traditions, mantra & philosophy in a creative flow-style practice.  Getting back to the roots of this ancient practice and the metaphors that translate in the everyday.
    This will be an invigorating, intentional and progressive practice to deepen your yoga journey!

  • CommUNITY Yoga Green Run: Beginner - All AGes

    A class for the whole community taught for all experience levels and ages – come as you are!
    Rotation of our community of teachers to try various teaching styles and yogic traditions!
    Karma Offering: Pay What You Can, suggested min. $5

    All Ages Welcome!

  • Power(ful) Flow Blue/Black Diamond Run: Intermediate - Advanced

    This class is designed to warm the body, invigorate the soul and calm the breath. Using a flow-like style and powerful intention to move our body with our breath while visiting classic Hatha style poses.

    Sunday Yoga church!

  • Core Flow Black Diamond Run: Advanced

    In this class we dive deep into the core of our being and ignite the fire within inviting our powerful breath to lead us through dynamic and challenging sequences. We will use this fire and strength to visit peak poses every month such as arm balances and inversions with an added touch of NRG mindfulness philosophy

    Prepare to meet yourself on your mat and live with heart!

  • Meditation for Everyone Karma Offering - Pay What You Like

    We are pleased to be offering a Monday Night Meditation Evening at 7:30 p.m. with varied approaches as presented by three facilitators and one Dharma teacher.

    Jana O’Brien and Anne Symington who facilitated last year are thrilled to have Susan van Asselt and Brent Kratz joining in this year as well. Susan has been authorized to teach by her teacher Lama Mark Webber. Each of us will rotate through one week each month, giving you a unique experience each Monday evening.

    Come one, come all! No prior experience is necessary – just simple curiosity is a perfect beginning.
    *Karma Offering: Pay What You Can!

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