Homecoming: A Biodynamic Breathwork & Yoga Retreat
MAY 13 – 16, 2022



Join us for this intentional long weekend retreat. Held by the majesty of Kootenay Lake and the sacred temple created at The Sentinel. Clare Kearney and Danielle Hachey are delighted to be offering this nourishing offering, blending their loves of transformative breathwork, movement and stillness practices. 

Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release (BBTRS) is a system of conscious breathwork that aids the breather to gain access to an embodied state.  This transformative work offers the potential to discover resources found in the body and in nature. Tuning into the sensational body in this way, creates an opportunity for old patterns of tension to be released through movement, expression, sound, and emotion.  Ultimately guiding the participant to a space of meditative presence.
We will use somatic practices, dance, yoga and play to support the unwinding and unraveling of the belts of tension (William Reich).  We will explore the energetic chakras that correlate with belts of tension and integrate themed  Ayurvedic Yoga practices.  It is time to release what no longer serves you and open to expansive possibilities.  We warmly welcome you to his indulgent and nourishing weekend of exploration and homecoming.



-Opening and closing circles
-3 Breathwork Ceremonies (BBTRS)
-Somatic exercise/dance & movement sessions
-Ayurvedic Seasonal Wisdoms
-Daily Yoga Practices; asana, pranayama, meditation
-Yoga Nidra
-Restorative practices
-A full moon fire evening (if permitted)
-Nourishing meals
-Cedar hot tub and sauna
-Beautiful Kootenay Lake access
**All Inclusive $1518.00 based on 2 ppl sharing luxury lake view room

Clare Kearney:    RMT, BBTRS Practitioner , 200 RYT

Danielle Hachey: 200 RYT, Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher, Certified Pre & Postnatal Yoga Instructor


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