Greetings Yogi’s and Yogini’s,

I have been practicing yoga including, Iyengar, Hatha, and Shivananda, for over 26 years. I Live in the Kootenay’s and enjoy taking in all of the Kootenay sportsskiing, hiking, and biking.  I have always found yoga to be my go to exercise to alleviate sore muscles, or when injured it is something I can fall back on to help heal.  At a time when I was going through some hip soreness, I decided to immerse myself in yoga and finally get my Teaching certification. A dream came true and in 2016 I received my teacher training from Shanti Yoga Studio in Nelson, BC. It was during this training with Joy Morelli, that real transformation in my practice took place and my hip pain disappeared.

The therapeutic, alignment based yoga and safe effective poses that are the foundation of this program, brought me to a whole new level!  I am forever grateful! With this safe, and effective yoga style, I’m hoping to practice well into my 90’s.

I teach alignment based yoga with an understanding of how the joints articulate, how ligaments and facia support the body, and how yoga benefits every aspect of our lives.  My passion in yoga is understanding and relating the therapeutic benefits of how practicing yoga can improve overall well-being, and I love sharing the scientific and physiological proof of how regular practice can heal and transform.

I always endeavour to create an inviting, safe, and supportive space for students of all levels.  Prepare to fully breathe and find bliss in your practice!