I have studied herbology and used applied plant medicine, wildcrafted, grown, and created herbal teas, and tinctures for myself, family, friends and colleagues for over 25 years. I have worked in horticulture, business and healthcare for a combination of over 30 years. My most recent passions and experience over the last few years are in Crystal healing, Reiki, Indian Head and Foot massage, Crystal wand & rollers face massage, meditation, acupressure, aura cleansing and chakra balance. I love to spend time with my 3 children and cat in my Zen space at home or out in nature in the forests hiking, skiing or on the water kayaking. All things green, and gardening are my passion and collecting and working with mother earths gems and crystals. My soul soars when I connect with women in circle and celebrate magickal ways of our ancestors. I believe that all life flows through us and to us from a divine universal energy source.

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