Spencer has been practicing Physiotherapy for the past 2 years, with a focus in musculoskeletal injury management, pre and post-operative care, and concussion management.  With a hands on approach, Spencer works to help you alleviate muscle and mechanical dysfunction through deep tissue massage, joint mobilizations, education, and patient centered exercise programs to help patients better participate in their desired activities in a more healthy and injury free manner.

When he is not in the clinic Spencer also works full time in Trail at a Physiotherapy clinic.  In addition, travel and adventure are a passionate pastime.  Spencer did his Physiotherapy education in Amsterdam for 4 years during which he attended internships with the Vancouver Whitecaps, Concussion North in Barrie Ontario, and worked in St. James Hospital in Dublin Ireland.  Growing up Spencer and his family moved many times and this instilled a passion for new experiences and travel, which has greatly influenced and benefited Spencer’s Physiotherapeutic approach.

Spencer is pleased to start practicing in the Rossland and becoming part of the Madhu Collective.

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