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Jaz King

September 23, 2019

I am an ever renewed student of life, endlessly curious on the inner workings of our beings. I have a formal background in neuropsychology, and currently I am passionately steeping in studies of ancient thai yoga massage healing, yogic alignment principles, evolutionary astrology and ayurvedic wisdom. I am a healer of the earth, and hold space to rewire and repattern our systems for a life that flows with more ease, clarity and comfort. I believe this journey may require deep courage to be vulnerable in the sometimes rawness of our experience, and in this place we create space to nurture these parts of ourselves with authenticity and integrity. 

Thai massage offering :
For this session, you will be comfortably relaxed in loose fitting garments. We will move through a series of gentle body positions, using a traditional thai style mat as our ground. A hint of essential oils, the essence of natural elements and gentle sound will bring us acutely in tune with body, mind and self. Drawing from a blend of Eastern healing wisdoms we will find deep release and clear energy flow through your entire being, leaving you feeling nourished and at ease within.