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Jeremy Ellison

December 21, 2018

The discovery yoga and the community within has changed my life.  Each time I practice I learn, something either physical or spiritual about myself.  I am in love with this yogic experience and to the moon and back grateful to share yoga with others.  My classes like my own practice are Hatha based with a focus on breath and alignment.  

200 HR YRT + 50 HR Thai Yoga Massage

Bree Blackstaffe

December 21, 2018

Bree’s journey into yoga was completely unintentional and a little messy. In 2011, she was overseas in Australia studying horticulture on a mission to obtain residency when within 6 months, she suffered a series of obstacles: her health declined- including needing surgery, she lost 3 members of her family and the removal of her profession from the immigration list left her unable to obtain residency. Having been an avid snowboarder, dancer and gymnast and being on the other side of the world from the support she deeply needed, Bree sought refuge in a physical outlet.

She made the 25-minute walk to Sunshine Coast Power Yoga studio with the simple expectation that she’d regain flexibility. To her surprise, within a week the constant, haunting mind chatter and worry had subsided so much she found herself waking from peaceful, restful sleeps for the first time in years. Within two weeks, she could breathe into the heart space that was heavy with grief and her energy was returning. Over the final weeks before returning home, Bree was perhaps for the first time in her life–connecting to the truest parts of her physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual self. But how was this possible after only a month with this new “physical” outlet?

Driven by curiosity and the desire to lead a wholehearted life, Bree returned to Australia in 2012 to complete her 200hr teacher training with her friend and mentor Tammy Williams (founder of Yoga NRG Power Yoga and Mindfulness). Here began the exciting, fun, challenging and often times messy journey to deepening her understanding of how yoga and mindfulness work together to bring the entire Self into a state of ease. Bree takes a modern, authentic approach to yoga, inviting humour, intention, strength and ease to her classes.

In 2013, Bree once again made the journey overseas to Yoga NRG to complete her certification in the energetic art of Thai Yoga Massage with guest Heather Agnew (Yoga Trinity). Bree hoped to offer extra touches to her students experience as she understood the deep healing physical connection could bring. She found an instant ease and understanding of the intuition required for this energetic practice as the rhythmic meditative flow and martial arts like transitions of Thai Yoga Massage came to her as second nature and tied to her passions of music and dance. From day one, she quickly realized she’d landed smack-dab on the life path that turned out to be seeking her. For over 5 years now, Bree has been devoted to offering her students and clients a safe healing space committed to Metta (loving kindness) where all can feel supported to make the journey inwards towards spaces of discomfort and dis-ease, and leave feeling open, grounded and deeply connected to the truest version of themselves.

Bree developed a sister project, Inspired NRG, as a mobile business making yoga and thai yoga massage accessible to everyone. This applies especially to those dealing with financial difficulties, suffering with mental health/addictions/substance abuse/ trauma, stay at home mothers and injured athletes. Bree is also passionate about bringing yoga and massage into the snowboard and music world by bridging the gap of self-care with competitive athletes and musicians/crew who are always on the move with the constant expectation of being their best. She has also been part of Breath of Life Wellness Collective in the Yukon since 2016 and is now extremely excited to be joining the hive at Madhu Wellness collective in Rossland B.C.!!

Clare Kearney

December 21, 2018

Clare is Registered with the College of Massage Therapists and a certified yoga instructor. She came to her practice through her own self healing journey. Clare is fascinated with the human form and continues to journey into her own education; currently she is exploring osteopathic technique, cranial sacral therapy, fascial system approaches, breathwork, and has a strong appreciation for Eastern medical philosophy.

Clare believes meditation and awareness practices of yoga have infinitively positive results for both the individual and the masses. Yoga Nidra practice has been a wonderful tool for self restoration and she feel honored to share and grow in the practice with the Rossland community. Her foundational asana classes encourage developing a personal practice and empowerment through self inquiry.

Why do clients come to see her?

Some of the wide range of ailments her clients come in for help with:   Acute or chronic injury, postural imbalance, stress disorder, breathing difficulties, headaches, sports injury, rehabilitation, post-concussion, peri natal care, feel-good maintenance.

Through treatments she hopes her clients will regain balance and homeostasis, she encourages self-love and support through offering a wide breadth of information, self-care techniques, helping her clients learn new movement patterns, meditative practices and specific stretch.strengthening therapeutics..

Clare is pleased to be part of a healthy patient-centered referral system with other practitioners in the Kootenays and here at Madhu Collective, Rossland.

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Ash McKenzie 

December 20, 2018

200 hour Canadian Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Instructor 

Trained under: Laura Martini, Kaitlynn Fleury & Mandy Chutskoff

Barre Above Instructor 

Trained under: Angie Yochum

I am passionate about creating an inclusive & stress free environment for our community to find balance and compassion through the practice of yoga. 

I first found yoga as a teenager to help sooth stress and anxiety. After many years of playing competitive sports and then starting a new family, I returned to yoga as a way to help heal my body from ongoing and past injuries. What I found was so much more.  Yoga helped me de-stress, stay more present, and feel strong and confident in my mind and body. I found a new self-love and passion to always continue learning and growing. 

Where ever you are on your journey, I welcome you here.

Danielle Hachey

November 23, 2015

Danielle is forever grateful to this practice and lifestyle of yoga, and to the many teachers who have guided her on this journey for the past 13 years.

Danielle came to yoga to help heal and realign her body and to feel more connected to the unexplainable and the timeless. She practices and teaches yoga to bring a quality of depth and ritual to every day. Whether it be honouring the lunar cycle, paying homage to a challenging day in the surf, or preparing for the change of the season …she meets each day and student as is.

With playfulness and sincerity, Danielle offer a series of classes, workshops and retreats that address season with story.  With deep respect to the ancient lineages and traditions of yoga she invites you to come explore on your mat!

Yoga Experience

March 2011 – 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) with Pacific Elements Yoga under the teachings of Natalie Rousseau Horscroft (E-RYT 500 AnusaraInspiredTM Yoga Teacher) in the Hatha/Vinyasa traditions.

Certified ‘Madhuri Method Ayurvedic Teacher‘ October, 2015.

Certified ‘Pre-Post Natal Yoga Teacher’, November, 2016.

Danielle has participated in various Ayurvedic workshops, Anusara-Yoga workshops, alignment and trauma-healing workshops and therapeutic-yoga intensives. She has also participated in Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Anusara, Hatha/Vinyasa and Vipassana Meditation retreats/trainings.

Danielle and her partner Paul, have a deep love for surfing and host Surf & Yoga Retreats and Guiding worldwide. For more information on their next adventure go to Feathers and Fur Experiences.

Theshini Naicker

November 23, 2015

Theshini started practicing yoga in her early 20’s in South Africa. After emigrating to Canada, she continued to seek instruction in the different communities that she lived. Once she settled in Rossland, Theshini sustained a ski injury and resorted to her knowledge of yoga as a rehabilitative tool. This led to her “sharing the knowledge of yoga” with friends upon their request and so she began teaching!

Although her influences are mainly from the Iyengar tradition, she has explored other styles to deepen her practice and to evolve as a teacher. Her teaching style is eclectic with a strong emphasis on alignment as it provides a foundation for all styles of yoga. Theshini incorporates pranayama and meditation in her classes.

Theshini is a Fiber Artist and a yoga teacher. Both are equally creative processes for her. She is constantly challenged and inspired by her students and grateful to have an opportunity to share that process with them.

Lu Greene

October 21, 2015

Greetings Yogi’s and Yogini’s,

I have been practicing yoga including, Iyengar, Hatha, and Shivananda, for over 26 years. I Live in the Kootenay’s and enjoy taking in all of the Kootenay sportsskiing, hiking, and biking.  I have always found yoga to be my go to exercise to alleviate sore muscles, or when injured it is something I can fall back on to help heal.  At a time when I was going through some hip soreness, I decided to immerse myself in yoga and finally get my Teaching certification. A dream came true and in 2016 I received my teacher training from Shanti Yoga Studio in Nelson, BC. It was during this training with Joy Morelli, that real transformation in my practice took place and my hip pain disappeared.

The therapeutic, alignment based yoga and safe effective poses that are the foundation of this program, brought me to a whole new level!  I am forever grateful! With this safe, and effective yoga style, I’m hoping to practice well into my 90’s.

I teach alignment based yoga with an understanding of how the joints articulate, how ligaments and facia support the body, and how yoga benefits every aspect of our lives.  My passion in yoga is understanding and relating the therapeutic benefits of how practicing yoga can improve overall well-being, and I love sharing the scientific and physiological proof of how regular practice can heal and transform.

I always endeavour to create an inviting, safe, and supportive space for students of all levels.  Prepare to fully breathe and find bliss in your practice!