• Gentle Flow

    Ease into the week with this rejuvenating practice, revisit the yogic foundations of alignment and breath to start of the week in ultimate alignment with your own gentle warrior!
    Great for Beginners to All Levels of Experience

  • Potent Power

    Pure POTENT Positive Power!  Tap into your inner strength with this dynamic, uplifting and power charged practice.  We will work on balancing, strengthening and conditioning the upper and lower halves of the body.  Geared for the student ready to kick it up a notch but also modified to suit limitations.

  • Restorative Yoga Nidra Yogic Sleep

    A calm and gentle restorative practice followed by ample space for deeply restful meditation that plays with the edges of the dream world and sleep. Prepare to relax and restore with this blissful ‘yogic sleep’.

    *A great tool for insomnia, a busy mind or if you just need to catch up on some rest!

  • Yin Yoga

    The meditative style of a yin yoga practice uses the stillness of longer held stretches to target tissues of the body including ligaments, bones and joints.
    On a deeper level, this style also gives us the opportunity to practice awareness of each passing breath and moment.

  • Tune-In: Restorative Yoga & Local Musicians

    A gentle restorative practice, where poses are held for 3-5 minutes supported on the floor in order to access deeper stretches and release fascia/connective tissue.

    This accompanied by a different local musicians each week to deepen this therapeutic time through music.  Soak in the melodies and allow the body to release tension through extended stillness & sound meditation – A true treat!

    Much Gratitude to the incredibly talented local musicians who share their art!

  • Morning Flow Bring Your Bike for a pedal afterwards!

    Wake up your body and clear your mind with this fluid Hatha flow.  Filled with sun salutations and accessible postures, this class is suitable for all levels.
    A great start to your day and jump start to get over the ‘hump’ of the week!
    Great for Beginners – All Levels

  • Mystic Flow

    Explore the myths of the Hindu deities (god/goddesses) & philosophy to deepen your yoga practice.  Getting back to the roots of this ancient practice and the metaphors that translate in the everyday.
    This will be an invigorating, intentional and progressive postural practice to deepen your yoga journey!

    Great for all Levels

  • Vinyasa

    Vinyasa means ‘movement with breath’.  This class we will focus on the breath and how it is intrinsically tied with our movement in order to build a practice and ultimate alignment towards a peak pose each week.
    Modifications will be provided to suit all levels of experience however expect an introduction to intermediate level postures that you have been curious about or that you find challenging!
    Come deepen your ever-evolving practice as we flow into the possible!

  • Community Yoga Karma Offering - Pay What You Can (suggested min. $5)

    A class for the whole community taught for all experience levels and ages – come as you are!
    Rotation of our community of teachers to try various teaching styles and yogic traditions!
    *As of July, CommUNITY Yoga will be held at Esling Park on Spokane Street, bring your own mat or enjoy the grass!
    Karma Offering: Pay What You Can, suggested min. $5

    All Ages Welcome!

  • Hatha

    This traditional Hatha class focuses on the principles of alignment, breath and meditation and will help your daily practice evolve.

  • Power(ful) Flow

    This class is designed to warm the body, invigorate the soul and calm the breath. Using a flow-like style and powerful intention to move our body with our breath while visiting classic Hatha style poses.

  • Postnatal Yoga with the Babe! TBA

    Fall Series TBA 
    A class for postnatal women and their pre-crawling infants.  Mamas who would rather take the time to reconnect with themselves without the presence of their babe are also invited to attend and connect in community.
    In this class, you will be led through movement, postures, dance, meditation, breath, and partner/group activities with the intention of connecting with your body, your baby and other parents in the community.
    Pelvic floor awareness and re-integration of core muscles will be a component of every class.  Come out to move, dance, breathe and flow your way through this intense and transformative time.
    Class time will run for 45 minutes: 12-12:45 PM, Mondays

  • Meditation for Everyone Returning in September 2017!

    We are pleased to be offering a Monday Night Meditation Evening with varied approaches as presented by three facilitators and one Dharma teacher.

    MONDAYS, 7:30 PM

    Jana Brien and Anne Symington are returning once again from facilitating last year and are thrilled to have Susan van Asselt and Jillian Bergsten joining in this year as well. Susan has been authorized to teach by teacher Lama Mark Webber. Each of us will rotate through one week each month, giving you a unique experience each Monday evening.

    We each look forward to communing with you to strengthen the meditative qualities in all of our lives.

    Come one, come all! No prior experience is necessary – just simple curiosity is a good beginning.
    *Karma Offering: Pay What You Can!

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