• Rise & Shine Beginner - All Levels

    A mixed-levels morning flow with emphasis on rhythmic movements, detoxifying twists, and balancing postures. Classes are designed to help rid the body of negative energy and cultivate mindfulness, exploring a variety of breathing techniques to help calm the monkey mind and better understand the energy channels of the subtle body.
    This class will leave the yogi with an overall sense of renewal, spaciousness, and the readiness to take on the day!

  • Gentle Foundations Beginner

    This class will introduce and explore the foundations of a Yoga practice; the basics of alignment, an accessible repertoire of postures (asana), introduction to breath (pranayama) and meditation techniques.
    This class is designed to be accessible to those new to yoga, and to those of all experience levels and abilities, full of modifications and poignant refinements for those who are veterans of the practice.

  • Take Flight: Arm Balances Advancing

    A spicy practice focusing on core and upper-body strength to help you fly into more advanced postures. This practice is designed for those wanting to explore intermediate and advanced arm balances. Modifications will be provided so do not shy away if you are new to taking flight!!!
    Each class will consist of a warm-up, mini-workshop session of the chosen arm balance, and a cool-down, so come out, spread your wings, and learn to fly!

  • Potent Power All-Levels

    Pure POTENT Positive Power!  Tap into your inner strength with this dynamic, uplifting and power charged practice.  We will work on balancing, strengthening and conditioning the upper and lower halves of the body.  Geared for the student ready to kick it up a notch but also modified to suit limitations.

  • Therapeutic Restore Beginner - All Levels

    A gentle and deeply nourishing practice to bring greater awareness to areas of the body needing attention, release and relaxation.
    You can expect mostly seated and floor postures to target the most vital areas we need to mobilize: the pelvis and the spine. This is a very subtle and effective practice leaving you feeling truly restored and rejuvenated on every level.
    *This class will be taught from the Sattva Yoga lineage, this style of yoga relates to the body by exploring four different perspectives: front body, back body, side body, and centre strength body. These are expressed in a four-month practice cycle; one month dedicated to each perspective using a uniquely designed posture sequence that lends insight into how to systematically organize and stack the body. This method is a system to begin to understand the anatomy with a 360-degree view through direct experience so that the body can rest into the strength and comfort of an aligned structure.

  • Restorative Yoga Nidra June dates TBA

    A calm and gentle restorative practice followed by ample space for deeply restful meditation that plays with the edges of the dream world and sleep. Prepare to relax and restore with this blissful ‘yogic sleep’.

    *A great tool for insomnia, a busy mind or if you just need to catch up on some rest!

  • Hatha Mixed Levels

    This traditional Hatha class focuses on the principles of alignment, breath and meditation and will help your daily practice evolve.

  • Yoga for Stiff Guys Beginner Series

    This is the ultimate foundational yoga series for dudes – dudes that work hard & play hard, and are in desperate need of some full-body stretch and chill time!

    This 6-week series will focus on a sequence of foundational yoga poses and techniques to improve current at-home stretching sessions, providing a welcome relief after a hard day at work or the slopes.

    Dudes will learn principle anatomy and alignment to ensure they are keeping their joints and muscles safe, while simultaneously finding a sense of ideal release and relaxation.

    Wednesdays, 7-8 PM
    *Starts April 25th – May 30th, 2018

    Taught by Danielle Hachey and Erin McCabe (in rotation).
    Pre-Register to get the ‘Stiff Guys Series’ Pass for only $70 for 6-weeks or regular drop-in, $16.

  • Rise & Flow Mixed Levels

    This is a dynamic class to build balance, inner strength, and energy through a fluid posture flow. Breath techniques and meditation focused around the season to strengthen the lungs and centre the mind.
    An invigorating morning practice which aims to flush and cleanse your body and mind through a rotation of monthly themed focal points of the body as inspired by the Sattva Yoga Lineage.

  • Mystic Flow Mixed Levels

    Explore the myths of the Hindu deities (god/goddesses) & philosophy to deepen your yoga practice.  Getting back to the roots of this ancient practice and the metaphors that translate in the everyday.
    This will be an invigorating, intentional and progressive postural practice to deepen your yoga journey!

    Great for all Levels

  • Peak Pose Advancing

    This class will progress through a Vinyasa-style to warm-up to invigorate the body through traditional sun salutations and intelligence sequencing to prepare the body and mind for some of the peak postures within the yoga syllabus.
    What is a Peak Pose you ask?
    It can be anything the requires greater awareness, strength, flexibility or balance!
    Some peak poses will be inversions, arm balances, back bends, heart openers, deep-seated postures, twists, etc.

    Modifications will be provided to suit all levels of experience and expect an introduction to intermediate level postures that you have been curious about or that you find challenging.  Let’s experiment and play with this practice!

  • CommUNITY Yoga Karma Offering - Pay What You Can - All Ages

    A class for the whole community taught for all experience levels and ages – come as you are!
    Rotation of our community of teachers to try various teaching styles and yogic traditions!
    *As of July, CommUNITY Yoga will be held at Esling Park on Spokane Street, bring your own mat or enjoy the grass!
    Karma Offering: Pay What You Can, suggested min. $5

    All Ages Welcome!

  • Power(ful) Flow All Levels

    This class is designed to warm the body, invigorate the soul and calm the breath. Using a flow-like style and powerful intention to move our body with our breath while visiting classic Hatha style poses.

    Sunday Yoga church!

  • Meditation for Everyone Karma Offering - Pay What You Like

    We are pleased to be offering a Monday Night Meditation Evening at 7:30 p.m. with varied approaches as presented by three facilitators and one Dharma teacher.

    Jana O’Brien and Anne Symington who facilitated last year are thrilled to have Susan van Asselt and Brent Kratz joining in this year as well. Susan has been authorized to teach by her teacher Lama Mark Webber. Each of us will rotate through one week each month, giving you a unique experience each Monday evening.

    Come one, come all! No prior experience is necessary – just simple curiosity is a perfect beginning.
    *Karma Offering: Pay What You Can!

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