The movement space hosts’ private therapeutic yoga sessions for individuals, and small groups 2-5 people.  We also rent the studio space for private workshops and events.


Madhu Collective’s treatment room hosts a diverse array of healing modalities, bodywork practitioners, and private consultations. As a collective we wish to provide a diverse range of practitioners to meet the array of needs in the community.

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Madhu Collective is a hub for everything Well and Awesome – this is a space to host community groups, events, artwork, music, and more. Let’s see what comes out of the woodwork!

Warmest Greetings to our Madhu kula (community of the heart),


It is with deep reverence, thought and love that as of September 13th, our Yoga & Movement Studio will be closed to public classes until further notice. Our clinic will remain OPEN with registered clinicians and therapeutic practitioners continuing to offer their essential services. 

It is in light of government mandates, the complexities of hosting weekly public classes at this time are too much for us to navigate. We support all beings in doing what is best for their wellness and health, and thus wait until we can all comfortably and safely breathe in community again.

When one door closes, another door opens; through this turbulent year-and-a-half as a small business, we have come to know resiliency and creativity in re-imagining how we can best support our community as it continues to evolve and transform.

We hope that we can remain a voice of kindness, respect and curiosity and will stay active in providing a safe and intentional space for individuals and small ‘bubble’ groups who need a place to commune.

Bee Well + Bee Kind,
Danielle & Clare


We are following the rigorous health guidelines from the BC PHO, WorkSafe BC and our therapeutic colleges to provide the most current safety protocols and limiting the spread of Covid-19 in our community.  Help us by doing your part!

Madhu pronounciation: [MAH dhoo] is a Sanskrit word derived from the Hindu sacred language meaning; sweet, honey, nectar.

‘Madhu Collective integrates living arts and sciences that enrich the nectar of life! Join us as we explore various wellness modalities, community, collaborative care, creative expression, movement and stillness.

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