Pre and Postnatal Services

Our Registered Clinicians and Therapeutic Practitioners all have experience working with expecting and postpartum mothers throughout your growing and healing journey into motherhood.

*Registered Massage Therapy
*Registered Acupuncture
*Clinical Counselling

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*Clinical Counselling can help create more capacity for present and future distress in that it can help individuals stay regulated while encountering potential stressors that come along with parenthood. Possible areas of exploration for clients nare as follows:

Topics counselling can help with re: the pre/post natal experience.

  •     BIRTH TRAUMA – some research shows between 33-45% of birthing people report their birth as traumatic 
  •     LOSS – Loss of a parent, pregnancy, or infant loss.
  •     PTSD – Dormant PTSD from own childhood experiences can be triggered when you become a parent and addressing this can be beneficial for you and your relationship with your child
  •     FERTILITY – Fertility struggles impact many, and this can be considered reproductive trauma for some. EMDR can target memories of emotional losses, physical pain, and loss of dignity.
  •     FEARS – Some clinicians use EMDR for desensitizing phobias such as: childbirth, vomit, needles, or blood.
  •     BREASTFEEDING – Painful experiences, feeling a loss of dignity or helplessness, negative cognitions about being a good enough mother
  •     SEXUAL ABUSE – Past sexual assaults, or abuse that has been triggered by birth, or parenting.
  •     PAST MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES – Past episodes of severe postpartum depression or anxiety and some of the memories that linger may be distressing.
  •     HOSPITAL EXPERIENCES – Some hospital experiences, such as time in the NICU or surgeries, can feel very vulnerable. Worry, distressing images, and fear are often addressed.