Movement has always been an integral part of Carissa’s life, and over the last decade her practice has developed as a deep rooted part of her everyday life – both on and off of the mat. Carissa came to yoga as a way to increase strength and mobility, and within it found a practice of reconnecting to herself. Her connection to her practice led to an interest in developing a deeper understanding of the body, and she became trained as a 2200HR Alberta RMT and 200HR RYT – her curiosity did not stop there, and after years of teaching she is currently immersing herself in a 1000HR program to become a Registered Yoga Therapist. Her playful and curious approach as a teacher combines her love of yoga with her experience as a massage practitioner, and with each class her intention is to create a space for her students to meet themselves where they are at, reduce pain and heal. She is truly grateful to have found the practice and lifestyle of yoga, and is honoured to be able to share it with her students – she looks forward to meeting you on your mat!

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